Reduce Food waste

About 27 % of the food that is being bought in Sweden we throw away to waste. Food waste has a massive negative impact on the environment, when food rots it releases methane, a greenhouse gas emission which is very damaging for the planet. The best way to stop food waste is by planning ahead carefully with our shopping and our meals.

I’ve been volunteering for the Swedish Church picking up left over food from coffee shops and restaurants which they haven’t been able to sell and we gave it to the hungry homeless people. This is an excellent way to reduce food waste and giving it to the needy instead of throwing it away which is sad to do when there are so many people that doesn’t have food to eat.

Educating people about how to reduce food waste is one part of what I am doing for my Miss Earth project “Healthy You Healthy Planet”.

As you can see we did get quite a lot of food in our trolley that we collected and were able to give away.



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  1. Mohsen
    October 15, 2012 | 10:46

    Dear Camilla,
    As you said, food waste can be harmful in different aspects as it causes more greenhouse gas and more hunger in the world and even economic damages for humanity. It is really admirable to collect extra food and prevent them from being wasted and help other people. I wish all of nations managed to do such graceful action. I seriously appreciate your attention.

    Good luck

  2. Gwil
    October 16, 2012 | 13:41

    Good work Camilla

    As an aside, anaerobic digesters used by refuse collection companies (provided you segregate the food waste into a separate bin) is recycled to generate electricity from the methane. The food then becomes compost which can be used in agriculture. So for the leftover food not fit for human consumption you can also do your bit for the planet and it has a value! I know in the UK councils do provide a collection service for food waste to cut down on methane (and landfill waste) – I am sure Sweden have a similar service (if not – they should!). It is all about making people aware and for the public to demand and expect eco friendly behaviour by companies.

    In summary – great work!

    • camillahansson
      October 28, 2012 | 22:35

      Thank you! And well said Gwil, didn’t know you were so knowledgeable about this subject…
      Hope all is going well for you.

      All the best,


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