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The other day I decided to organise my wardrobe and to separate the clothes that I am not wearing and give away to friends and to the charity shop Oxfam. I managed to fill up a big suitcase of clothes to give away! It’s a tricky process because you give away some nice clothes but my motto is that if you haven’t used it for 1 year then I will most probably never use it either. Right?

As I am studying on ways how we can all help to save the planet and our environment in our daily lives for my Miss Earth project I thought it was a good start to give some unwanted clothes away to charity that way they won’t go to waste. There are so many things we just throw away without even thinking about it. If we would start for example with something simple like giving away old clothes to charity instead of throwing them away then that in itself would make a big difference.





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  1. Mohsen
    October 4, 2012 | 10:47

    Dear Camilla,
    Well done! It was impressive 🙂
    Every good action in the life has a good reaction consequently. I hope you will achieve worthy goals in your life as well.

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