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Litre of Light

One of the charities we got honored to be involved in here in Philippines is A Litre of Light foundation, which is a sustainable light project that aims to bring an eco friendly solar bottle bulb to low income communities all over Philippines and other countries. The Solar Bottle bulb is a low cost device made from PET soda bottles and a solution of water and chlorine. When the sun shines outside the bottles light up peoples homes who can otherwise not afford to have electricity so they have to live in the dark. Its amazing because its almost just as powerful as a electric light bulb yet its only made from PET bottles, water and chlorine! We had the chance to produce these light bottles in their work shop and later go to the poor communities within Manila and see how they work in peoples homes.

Made the first solar bottle bulb, I finished first in my group!

With Miss Canada

This boy was so sweet he was standing outside waiving the Swedish flag for me

This is how the light solar bottle works in one of the homes


This girl was waiting for us in the village and she was wearing her own beauty queen crown

Doing photoshoot for A Litre of Light foundation








Golden Sunset show and bikini competition

A few days ago we left the hotel we were staying at in Manila and went to a resort called The Golden Sunset where we had our bikini competition. We started the show with an “wildlife” inspired opening dance. It was fun but unfortunately we had only 30min to practice the choreography so there were a few mistakes once the show started… I was chatting to the girls backstage and getting  ready when all the sudden we all had to go on stage and I was still wearing my flip flops when everyone else were wearing their high heel sponsor shoes as you can see I’m a bit shorter than everyone else!

Bikini competition




Bikini press release

In Dubai newspaper on 7th of November

Before when getting ready





Binangonan Elementary School visit

Hi Everyone sorry for not updating the blogg we have been so incredibly busy here our schedule is from 8am to 10pm and sometimes we work more hours than that and we very rarely get a break until its time to sleep so unfortunately I haven’t been able to update you guys. But we are doing some great things here I really enjoy the charity work and my favourite activity is when we visit the children in the schools because they are just so happy to see us and they are being so loving. The first school we visited we were all given the task to teach our own class for 15 minutes about the environment which was just amazing and the school put on a big parade for us when we arrived.

Tree planting

Today we went for a walk in the local park where we were all given mango tree plants which we were to give to one of the locals there. The purpose is for them to plant the tree themselves at home. The “Miss Earth walk” is also for the purpose to show the public that we should try to walk more instead of driving our cars all the time to help against pollution. I choose to give my plant to a little boy who was sitting with his family he looked so cute and happy when I gave it to him. There is so much media following us everywhere and where ever we go people are taking photos the only place where its quiet is in the hotel room.

Tomorrow morning we have all given the task to prepare a 15 minute lecture each on the enviroment for a class of school children. I am going to start working on mine tonight as we just got back to the hotel. Tomorrow morning we have to get up at 5am again.

The girls with their trees

Restaurant where we had dinner, they had decorated it nicely for us

With some of the Misses

Back in the hotel off to sleep for a few hours now


Arrived in Philippines

After a very long flight of 20h I have finally arrived safely in the Philippines!

I had somewhat of an overweight luggage it weight 36kg and you’re only allowed to have 20kg on Singapore airlines. Ooops… But I explained the situation to them and said I was going for Miss Earth for 3 weeks and they were very kind and let me pay for only 5 kg overweight instead of 16! The people who know me know that I can’t really travel with 20kg just for a weekend never mind for 3 weeks!

My first impression of the Philippines is that the people are very friendly and genuine and they make you feel very welcome. People wanted to take photographs and have autographs already at the airport, after a 20h flight though I just wanted to go to the hotel and have a shower first!

The hotel is nice I must say, I am sharing a room with Miss Australia.

Tomorrow we don’t have anything on until a sponsor dinner 7pm so I might just relax by the pool or something. Its 32 degrees here 🙂

I don’t know yet how busy we will be during these 3 weeks here but I will write as often as I can!

Now I’m going to sleep and try to get my jetlag sorted. This is how the rooms look like.

Photos taken for Miss Earth

I’ve taken some new photos for Miss Earth yesterday at Model House Sweden in Stockholm. They were very professional and made the day fun and easy. The makeup artist that did my makeup Catrine Eriksson did probably a better job with putting on my makeup than anyone else ever have, she was great. Lots of smiley pictures this time 🙂 Bikini photos coming soon… Xxx

They also did a short inteview with me which you can read here:,-camilla-hansson-p%C3%A5-mh.html








Miss Sweden-Earth

On Sunday the 26thAug I was crowned the winner of Miss Sweden-Earth in Stockholm’s Café Opera where the Miss Sweden competition was held. I will now get the honour to represent Sweden in the Miss Earth competition in Manila, Philippines this year! You can see some of the pictures below from the night. It was an amazing experience to participate and I have got to know so many lovely girls from the competition which I will stay in touch with. You can follow me here when I write about my preparations and experiences throughout this exciting journey!

I must say that when they announced that I got the title Miss Earth Sweden on stage the first emotion that came to me was I felt a sense of relief, that after the hard work and the persistence something good happened to me. And after the relief I felt great joy of course! 🙂 Do you know this feeling from your own personal life experiences?

Sweden’s last year’s representative for Miss Earth was Miss Renate Cerljen and she placed in the top 16 so of course I feel the pressure to also place in the top 16 and hopefully do even better than that.


Evening gown and crowning moment

Question time above! I got the question how am I going to reach my big dream and goal of also becoming a successful business woman. I responded with one of my favourite expressions saying that “you can eat an elephant if you eat it one bite at a time” meaning that you will need to see your end goal very clearly in your mind and then you take small daily steps to reach there


Bikini moment



With friends at the after party 🙂

With last years winner of Miss Earth Sweden, Renate Cerljen, a beautiful and smart lady!